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Printing, is a variety of printed products, almost full of people's clothing, food, housing, travel in the field, and people's life is very close. What is the measure of a batch of live parts? It not only to see whether the color of the printing is in line with the requirements, but also to see whether this batch of live ink is stable. Today, Based on this gift box, I would like to share with you several factors that influence the stability of ink color: The visual effect of ink color is one of the important factors to measure the quality of printed matter. Uniform ink color, accurate and bright color and consistent color are the basic requirements for the quality of printed matter. The correct understanding of the quality of printing ink color is of great significance for the accurate control of printing ink color and the improvement of printing quality of color printing products.The temperature Keeping the temperature and humidity constant is very important to ensure the stability of the ink. Printing during the summer, due to the ambient temperature is high, so the printing press roller transfer ink more easily, and with the increase of time of printing, printing ink liquidity enhancement, under the condition of the same ink quantity, the printing quality of the ink will deepen, so in the printing process to detect the signal of the density, frequently compared with signed sample, if necessary can be properly reduced the ink amount, to print and sign the sample color. In winter, as the overall ambient temperature is low, the temperature of all parts of the machine is low when the machine is started in the morning. Printing operators must do the following two points before starting printing. First, improve the temperature and humidity of the workshop to make it up to the standard (the temperature is 20 ~ 24℃, the humidity is 60% ~ 70%). Second, heat ink or add additives or ink in the ink, to increase the mobility of the ink, and then boot. For the sake of environmental protection, this gift box keeps the color of the raw materials, so the temperature has little or even negligible influence on it.   Fountain solution concentration Nowadays many printers are adopted a system of automatic education version, but for version manually add embellish the liquid press the printer require operation personnel deployment good education version before boot, this is because the printing process to add water and alcohol and water tank on the central plains some education version fluid on the temperature and concentration were different, easy to cause print with dirty, but if you want to remove the floating dirty need to increase water quantity, inky water will increase and become lighter. In addition, the fountain solution concentration must meet the printing requirements, which can be measured by pH test paper or concentration meter. If the concentration is too large, then the ink in any case also do not meet the requirements, and the ink will be emulsified quickly; And if the concentration is too small, the amount of water added to a large floating dirty living parts will be eliminated, and once the acceleration of printing, floating dirty will easily appear in the mouth position, the increase of water ink will become shallow, forming a vicious cycle, making the stability of ink color can not be controlled.   Control the amount of ink Preinking before printing is very important. After the ink color is adjusted, the standard printing sample, also known as signature sample, should be printed first, and then hung on the sample table. This requires us to do the following two things before printing: First, before the ink to reduce the amount of water, because different layout density is different, the need for water will be different. Second, the field density of the signal bar should be within the standard range (for four-color printing, Y is 0.85 ~ 1.10, M is 1.25 ~ 1.50, C is 1.30 ~ 1.55, K is 1.40 ~ 1.70). The reason for ensuring the above two points is that if the ink amount of the last live part is very large, and the current live part is very small, and the water is not reduced in advance before the ink is put on, then the color of the signature is not the normal ink color at all, and it is bound to change during printing. And so the amount of ink in the layout will not go, will slowly build up on the roll and gradually emulsified, in the water roller after the floating dirt is difficult to eliminate, and printing in the same amount of powder spraying will be sticky. Operators through the ink roller rotation that occur when the sound of "yi yi", or the ink roller inking and shiny can judge the situation. So the captain of the printing before sign sample must form the good habit of water reducing, observed in the process of running a version of the paper and ink mouth diao presence of tinting, until increase water gradually eliminate floating dirty, then the signal of the density conforms to the standard, the ink is conform to the real meaning, "with minimal ink printed standard and minimum water print" theory, this live will be very easy to do ink stability, easy to control. Similarly, this gift box does not have any printing, but we can customize different gift boxes according to the requirements of customers, a variety of box types and rich colors, printing strictly check the ink color, is the final production of the customer satisfaction of the necessary conditions of the gift box.   Printing speed This point runs through the stability of ink throughout, because only in the stable feida paper under the premise of stability, color can remain stable. If the feeding and improper adjustment, empty and boring car, and both can cause ink is not stable, also will waste a lot of paper, in case of an electrostatic big offset paper (paper generally below 100 g/m2), easy to appear the regulatory punch and paper rather than wait for a phenomenon, it will have to think of some way to increase the air humidity, placed above the feida paper feed, eliminate electrostatic metal rod in order to eliminate paper static electricity.   Ink performance The quality of the live parts varies, and the printer may have three or more inks for the printing machine (the less demanding live parts are usually cheaper inks, while the more expensive ones are imported). Captain to their use of ink characteristics have a detailed understanding and mastery. Such as fast dry ink in the case of clients such as downtime or interval time long, dry quickly, printing ink will send light again, and in different season, different temperature conditions, the ink will reflect different viscosity, so the captain needs to according to the different performance of the ink, the doping or dry oil adjuvant, or by controlling the temperature and humidity to control ink viscosity. Many manufacturers produce inks, but we only purchase brand inks. Many gift boxes use pantone color in their design. Some colors are very sensitive and will produce color difference according to the changes of the environment.   The paper quality Paper quality plays an important role in the stability of printing ink. If you encounter poor quality, easy to drop the paper, no matter how to control, can not maintain the stability of the ink. In the event that paper cannot be replaced, the following steps can be taken. 1) Wipe the sides of the paper with a damp cloth to remove the edge of the paper wool caused by the blunt cutting knife. 2) to add an appropriate amount of additives in the ink will be removed, so that the viscosity is reduced, ink on blanket adhesive paper wool will be better. 3) When the number of live parts is large, the inverted color sequence is considered (without affecting the final color). The small ink is placed in the front and the large ink is placed in the back color group. In this way, when the first or second group of paper is printed with small ink and a light screen has been laid, the phenomenon of hair loss on the surface of the paper will be greatly improved. 4) Reduce the printing pressure, reasonably plan the cleaning times of blanket, after each cleaning blanket, put more paper (no printing side facing up) for trial printing, which will play a buffering role in the subsequent printing process of lighter ink, so that the rejection rate decreases. Similarly, the paper board and kraft paper used in this gift box are purchased by the manufacturer who has cooperated with us for many years. The quality of the paper is not visible on the outside, especially the grey board, looks good on the outside, but the core is very poor. So we only buy raw materials from the manufacturers we trust. After all, with the deterioration of the environment, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger . Only good quality gift boxes are worth sending to friends and relatives.
  • Original color design.
  • Keep the original color of the gift box, more environmentally friendly.
  • Barrier-free objects.
  • There is no partition inside the gift box, so you can place the gifts wherever you like.

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